Cosecha 1976 Spain

On to a bottle that is pushing 50 – well at least it is closer to 50 then 40. I didn’t have any expectations for this bottle. The label was definitely showing its age. When I first ran across this bottle I thought that it was a bottle that had been repurposed for one of my Dad’s home wines. However the capsule was intact so the original wine was still inside waiting to reveal itself.

I had heard of all these older bottles of wine that are coveted across the globe – could one of those treasures be in my inheritance? Well Sotheby’s wasn’t calling to place it in their next auction so I figured I was good to open it.

The aroma was of fermenting raspberries, slightly musty like an old book. The color was a marginally brick color. This wine still had structure there was a clear and distinctive front/middle and finish for this wine. It started with dark stone fruit followed by vanilla and coffee and finished with clove. It was a little hot on the finish for me – probably due to the age the alcohol tasted more prevalent then when it was younger. It had structure. It had balance – hell that is more then most of us can say about ourselves at 50. As I approach that mark I am appreciating good structure and balance.

I was searching for why this wine was in my Dad’s cellar – besides the fact that it was a good wine. As I was about to finish the glass it came to me – Iberia. Dad made a wine in mid 1990’s called Iberia named after the Iberian peninsula. It was made from Tempranillo, Graciano, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Cao. I will have to bring out a bottle and see how it has fared through the years.

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