Moonrise Bay Vineyard Blackberry Dessert Wine

I was so excited to try this wine – a blackberry dessert wine, 14 % ABV, wax seal and a blue bottle what could be at issue? As I started to thread the opener into the cork my heart sank a little – There was a squeaking sound because the cork was dry. A sign that the wine could have been exposed to oxygen. The wine was a deep brownish/purple color. It was reminiscent of the juice of cooked blackberries. It had intense aromas of smashed berries. It brought me back to my youth and the smell of a fruit roll up from your backpack after it had been sitting in the sun.

I took a sip and immediately there was a tingling. It was over powering any flavors on my palate. I would catagorize this wine as MDP – Missed Drinking Peak. Through no fault of the wine it was stored past its peak.

I am not sure if Dad had this wine to sample for a possible dessert wine or a base for his fruit wine series or given to him as a gift. It does bring up some possible ideas for the future maybe Chateau Le Cabin should have a dessert wine for each flavor. The pear wine has dessert wine why does it get to be the only wine that has all the fun. Raspberry, blackberry or cranberry have the versatility to be a dessert wine they just need to be given a chance.

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