Chateau Du Trignor Blanc de Blanc Cotes-Du-Rhone Caépage Viognier

This wine showed its maturity. There was sediment in the bottle. I left it upright for a while in order to help it settle. It was still cloudy when I poured a glass. Upon opening a thick aroma of fermenting apples escaped from the bottle.

The apple aroma made me think of the green apple flavor of our sparkling Viognier. I hadn’t come across many Viognier’s that had apple notes. I would have to explore this more with other wineries vintages.

I was imparted with two bits of knowledge from opening this wine. One, if you bottle an unfiltered or slightly filtered wine convey this to your customers especially with whites. Aged red wines generally have sediment thus the reason for decanting them through a cheese cloth. White wines it is not as common. Two, drink your wines before they pass their peak. Stop saving all those beautiful wines in your cellar/collection for a “special occasion” everyday is precious and should be treated as such. The wine might be great but it is truly the relationships that we share over a bottle of wine that make the occasion special. Drink the wine don’t let it go beyond it’s peak and end up as a bequeath to your children.

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