Vignobles Guy Mousset Cépage Viognier 1991

Cépage is the French term that denotes the percentage of each variety of grapes in the composition of a blended wine.

This wine had a lot to say and much wisdom to impart to us young winemakers and drinkers. At almost 30 years old she still had clarity, structure and intense aromas. When I started to pure the wine and take in the clarity there was no doubt why it was in my fathers cellar. To build/create a wine that maintains clarity for almost 30 years is a sign of a master. She had intense herbaceous notes like fresh cut grass blended with rich butterscotch and caramel. As I began to drink the wine it was heavy on the palate almost a salty characteristic yet creamy and a fierce alcohol finish.

I have much respect for the creators of this wine. She conjured up images of an elder member of the community imparting wisdom and advise on the next generation. – Make every wine your very best, don’t rush to bottle or hasten the process, your craft takes time, respect the grapes, respect the art and you will create a masterpiece that can become the next elder of the village.

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