Welcome to the Wine Cellar

Thanks for joining me!

My father, Dennis Horton, was a pioneer for Virginia Wine Country. He was always looking for the next push in Virginia wine, and had his own way of creating the next best wine. Before creating a certain type of wine at our own winery, he would go around picking up that type of wine from different wineries. He would sample these wines and determine the palate, notes and flavors he wanted to emulate or exclude in his recipe of the wine. This practice led to him having an extensive wine collection that he has now passed on to me. Through this blog, it is my hopes to share these wines, my father’s unique palate, and extensive knowledge of wine with all of you. My father once said “I can not do this forever, but I have hopefully set for you the knowledge to move forward”, so get comfy, pour a glass of your favorite Horton wine, and join us for a drink with Dennis.


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